The small group ministry at Believers Fellowship is called LIFT, which stands for Living In Fellowship Together. Both of our campuses have groups that meet on Sunday mornings and groups that meet on Sunday evenings. You can find each group's meeting time under the individual LIFT leader section. 

Each group has a LIFT leader who oversees the group and teaches a Bible study with emphasis on group involvement and participation. Groups also have a time of prayer, fellowship and fun and most have a meal or snack together. Anyone seeking to be part of a LIFT is free to attend any of our groups. The only one that is geared to a certain group is our Young Adults LIFT for those 18 - 25 years old. We do ask, however, that once someone finds the group that they feel most comfortable with, that they settle in and join. 

We encourage every member and guest to be part of a group.  LIFT is the church’s primary source of discipleship.   LIFT members develop close bonds and friendships that produce the encouragement, accountability and support many are seeking. It is in LIFT that most people discover the feeling of belonging that should happen in a church family. It is in that setting where many find the love and support that family members give to one another, because it is there that needs and concerns are shared. It is usually in LIFT where church members organize meals for those who are sick, help to move furniture when members relocate, give words of encouragement during tribulation and many other forms of ministry. LIFT groups have proven to be a lifesaver that God has used in many lives during the rough storms of life.

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