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            ONLINE GIVING!
Many people who use the web regularly have contacted Believers Fellowship about transferring funds electronically for online giving. For your convenience, and as a cost-saving measure for the church, this option is now available.

Encryption technology is used to ensure that your information is transmitted securely. The information you provide is used solely for the purpose of processing your contribution.

In order to designate your funds for Tithe and Offering, Building Fund, or Payment for event or trip, please notate in the "special instruction" field where you would like your contribution applied. 

If you have any questions or concerns about online giving or about your contributions call the church office at 281.350.9673.

Forward in Faith . . . this has been an ongoing ministry of our church from the early days of existence.  It was your contributions to F.I.F. that paved the way for our first building program.  It was the commitments of the first members of Believers Fellowship that gathered over $200,000 for us to buy the property that the Spring Campus sits on.

It was Forward in Faith, at Spring Campus, that brought us to becoming debt free in 15 years of ministry.  It was the same campaign at Magnolia, that allowed us to pay off a very large portion of the Magnolia debt that we absorbed when we took over the properties.

It was these continued commitments that have allowed us to have over millions of dollars in physical assets at the Spring and Magnolia Campuses.  Praise God, today we are a debt free church.  There are not too many churches that can make that statement.  It has given us great freedom to do much more ministry than most churches our size.  What a miracle!  This is nothing short of glorious and all that glory goes to God. 

But there is much more than just buildings at the heart of Forward in Faith.  It is all about ministry, and seeing lives changed for the glory of God.  We Love God, We Love People, and We Reach the World! These buildings are only tools that we use to reach, teach and disciple people for God’s Kingdom. These are investments in lives now and in the future.  The buildings and properties should reflect our love for the Lord and our desire to do His ministry the best that we possibly can.

 Our church has had a hand in reaching thousands of people for Christ.  Our missions’ endeavors continue to work in churches in the United States, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean region. We continue to support the worldwide mission efforts of the Southern Baptist Convention, along with, our gifts to local and state ministries.

I am asking you to pray about your twelve-month commitment to Forward in Faith. The form has place for name info, but there is a chart to explain the amounts . .  if you give $20 per week it amounts to $1,040 for the year.. and so on.. In a moment, your campus pastor will instruct you about this form and how to get it. Look it over, prayerfully consider what God would have you do and then obey.  Take it home if needed and return by July 7.   You can either place these in the offering receptacles at church or mail the form in.  

If we are willing to believe God together, there is no end to what we can do.  Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifices.  Let’s continue to move Forward in Faith.  It is exciting to see all the God is doing.  If we are willing and obedient, there is no end to what God will do through our church and our lives.

 Pastor Joe Arms

Please notate in "special instruction" field where you would like your contribution applied