Welcome back to church!

We are so glad that you have decided to join us. You will notice that there have been some changes made to the sanctuary so that we can practice social distancing while still participating in worship. In accordance with the CDC guidelines and the Texas Governor’s Office recommendations regarding reopening house of worship, these are the guidelines that Believers Fellowship has put into practice:

1. Personal Protection – Wearing masks and gloves are optional and available in the foyer.

2. Hand Sanitizing Stations – Hand sanitizing pumps are available in the foyer and sanctuary.

3. Sanctuary – The doors entering the sanctuary will remain open throughout the service.

4. Practice Social Distancing - Sanctuary will be set up for families to spread out and activity pages will be provided for the children.
5. Skip Rows – Please do not sit in rows that have “Skip Rows” signs posted.
6. Morning Sunday Service Only – All other ministries will reopen at a later date which we will announce in the next week.

7.  After Service - Fellowship in open spaces like outdoors.

REMEMBER!  As believers, we always show respect for one another.  Wearing a mask or not wearing a mask, is not a cause for a spirit of controversy.  Love at all times.  We will get past this in due season.  Don’t let the issues of these days create dissention in your heart. 

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Your Pastor, 

Joe Arms 
Senior Pastor
Believers Fellowship - One Church | Two Campuses
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